Important Upcoming Events

Important Upcoming Events

Dyslexia 101
October 17th 7pm
The Public Meeting Room at the Kenmore Fire Station 7220 NE 181st Street, KENMORE, WA 98028

Laura Rogan, author of Wired for Reading, will present the science behind identifying dyslexic students and designing intervention. This presentation is jointly sponsored by the HiCap Council and SEPAC, the first of a series of talks about learning disabilities and other issues that can affect both HiCap and Special Ed kids. If you have a child who struggles with any of these things: writing, spelling, conventions, punctuation, phonics, math word problems, reading comprehension on standardized tests (but not necessarily in their own reading), your child may have a form of dyslexia. Dyslexia is way more common than most people realize, and for high IQ kids, they usually read fine and even above grade level, because they learned to read with “sight words” rather than phonics. Many HiCap kids aren’t formally diagnosed with dyslexia until middle school (or later) – but just like any learning disability, early intervention is best, and early identification is extremely helpful. If you wonder if this might apply to your child, please come and learn more!

HiCap Information Night
October 24th 7pm-8pm
Northshore PAC (Bothell High School, 18125 92nd Ave NE)

This annual presentation is done by the District HiCap Administrators. Members of the HiCap Parents Council will also be attending and will be available to chat before and after the presentation.

What Parents Need to Know About Smart Kids
October 27th 7pm-8pm
NSD Admin Building (3330 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell

Your child’s unique “quirks” may actually be well-studied social & emotional behavior patterns that appear across large populations of highly intelligent children. Learn what’s normal, what to expect as they grow, and why HiCap school programs are optimal for kids’ social and emotional development, as well as developing their academic talents. Presented by Austina De Bonte, President of Northshore HiCap Parent Board, and President of NW Gifted Child Association.