It’s Time to Vote!

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Voting Closes Midnight on Monday, September 24

Vote for the HiCap Parent Council representatives who will represent you. EVERY family in Northshore has a potential representative on the council. EAP students, AAP students, High School HiCap Students, Neighborhood School HiCap students, private school students, homeschool students, and students who have not yet been identified as HiCap – all have a representative and may vote in this election.

One vote per family, please

Note that EACH FAMILY should vote ONLY ONCE PER REPRESENTATIVE, regardless of how many parents/guardians are involved. Ideally we would do the voting process using paper ballots and kid mail, but this is not practical with so many families going to different schools all over the district. Please uphold the sanctity of the election and only vote once per family.

(Have multiple kids in different programs? Just re-open this ballot a second time to be able to vote for that different position.)

All positions are for 2-year terms. If a candidate is only eligible for their position for one year, their position will come up for election again next spring.


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