These are the notes I took at the 3/12/2019 Q&A with Mr. Paperman and Mr. Harmon:

  1. Survey on the website for those who have additional questions
  2. Hope to have a recommendation to present to the board in the spring with implementation by fall of 2020

Comment: For PACE most families won’t move to Bear Creek from Wellington or to Frank Love from Lockwood

Q: is K-12 for Northshore Family Partnership (NFP) being taken into consideration in this plan? IF so where would it be housed

A: Not currently considering K-12 for NFP, not part of the planning

Q: Is EAP in the Home school for all schools being considered?

A:No, haven’t looked at what it would take to implement multi-ability in same classroom (questioner asked: Isn’t that what single subject kids are doing right now? A: Yes)

Comment: PACE gives more to Wellington that you may realize in terms of community and volunteering

Q: How many years can the new changes hold new growth?

A: Looking into 2026 for EAP

Q: Did the district do a survey of PACE parents and ask them if they would move to a new site?

A: No we did not. But we can

Q: Has the district thought about what all the moves and not having a bond to the community and school is doing to our kids? Are we causing psychological harm to them?

Q: Will current EAP teachers have an EAP position in the district if Bear Creek EAP is moved?

Q: Can current EAP students get priority for waivers to stay with their community and friends if it splits or moves to another school?

A: Maybe

Q: Did district look at changing boundaries of all schools to fix the previous adjustment that clearly wasn’t a long term fix?

A: Looked at expanding boundaries of BEar Creek to have at least 2 classrooms per grade and that wasn’t possible without eating into other schools with low enrollment. Did not look at redistricting whole district, mainly looked at Bear Creek to minimize disruption.

Q: Can district publish the data used to make these suggested changes?

A: EDTF data is on website… (can we get that site?)

Q: What are the special academic programs referred to?

A: EAP, NFP, PACE, Dual Language, Special Ed, Early Learning

Q: How many kids are you projecting adding to NFP by 2026?

A: Looking at 100-150 kids in the program (not taking into account adding grades 7-12 to program or program growth as NFP parents are projecting.)

Q: Did you consider closing the Bear Creek Building?

A: Considered moving Gen Ed out of building but not closing building completely. Urban Growth boundary will move at some point and it’s expected over 10k more kids will be added to district at that time. Need the space.

Comment: NFP should be planned for K-12 sooner rather than later

Q: Did you consider all the aspects of moving a PACE program to another building? New teachers to be hired, new parents to be placed in roles, Financials (funds are tied to the building. if you move buildings you have to give the money to the building and start at new school with nothing or parents have to vote for money to go to new school. if parents aren’t moving schools with program they might not vote to move money.)

A: We did not fully consider all of these aspects and have learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. Will consider all of this and do more research

Q: If EAP leaves Bear Creek where will the kids go?

A: kids will be split between Sunrise and Canyon creek based on their home school.

Please welcome the new members of the HiCap Parents Council:

Moorlands EAP: Allison Headlee (

Elementary Regional Representative – Bothell Feeder Area: Myriam G Juritz (

Elementary Regional Representative – Inglemoor Feeder Area: Veronica Webb (

Elementary Regional Representative – North Creek Feeder Area: Satyanarayana Narlapuram (

Elementary Regional Representative – Woodinville Feeder Area: Sylvia Bagley (

Canyon Park: Jennifer Spanton (

Skyview: Lauren Lewis (

Northshore: Xiaoying Zhang (

Leota: Angie Hancock (

Timbercrest: Rob Pajaro (

Continuing HiCap Parents Council:

Woodmoor EAP: Kristi de Grys

Bear Creek EAP: Lisa Benado

Lockwood EAP: Bonnie Plottner

Bothell HS: Laurie Ferraiolo

Inglemoor HS: Brenae Brix

Woodinville HS: Austina De Bonte

We had no representatives on the ballot for Kenmore Middle School, North Creek High School, or Sunrise Elementary School. The HiCap Council will discuss what to do about these remaining open positions at our upcoming meeting on September 27.

Thanks to all outgoing council members, as well as those who ran for positions on the HiCap Parents Council! Your service and passion for our community is very appreciated.

It’s Time to Vote!

See the source image
Voting Closes Midnight on Monday, September 24

Vote for the HiCap Parent Council representatives who will represent you. EVERY family in Northshore has a potential representative on the council. EAP students, AAP students, High School HiCap Students, Neighborhood School HiCap students, private school students, homeschool students, and students who have not yet been identified as HiCap – all have a representative and may vote in this election.

One vote per family, please

Note that EACH FAMILY should vote ONLY ONCE PER REPRESENTATIVE, regardless of how many parents/guardians are involved. Ideally we would do the voting process using paper ballots and kid mail, but this is not practical with so many families going to different schools all over the district. Please uphold the sanctity of the election and only vote once per family.

(Have multiple kids in different programs? Just re-open this ballot a second time to be able to vote for that different position.)

All positions are for 2-year terms. If a candidate is only eligible for their position for one year, their position will come up for election again next spring.


Vote Now


The HiCap Parents Council has recently set up a PayPal account where we can accept monetary donations to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You may contribute by going to our Donate page and clicking on the Donate button.

The HiCap Parents Council has no income other than from contributions from Donors like you. Your Donation to the HiCap Parents Council funds summer park dates, game days, student/parent info panels, our email list of subscribers, this website and much more. If you have enjoyed these activities and amenities in the past and would like to see the Council continue to sponsor these kinds of events please consider donating.

The Council has several upcoming events planned that would benefit from your contributions:

1. Second AAP student/Parent panel of the year (Council rents sound system and provided light refreshments)
2. EAP parent panel (Council rents sound system and provided light refreshments)
3. Summer meet and greet park dates for AAP (Council provides drinks and snacks and rents pavilion at park)
4. Summer meet and greet park dates for EAP (Council provides drinks and snacks and rents pavilion at park)
5. Fall back-to-school Board Game Day (Council rents space for event)

Additionally, if you or your spouse works for a company that does company matching of charitable giving, please submit any donation you make to the HiCap Parents Council for a matching donation from your company.

Thank you for considering a donation to the HiCap Parents Council!

Earlier this month the HiCap Parent Council conducted a survey of 9th and 10th grade students and parents. This survey asked questions about their transition from the Junior High AAP program to High School and included questions like “How satisfied is your child with their social emotional experience in high school?” and “Is your child appropriately challenged in Math?”. The results of this survey can be found here

Although we have analyzed the responses we have received, we still encourage you to take the survey if you have a 9th or 10th grader. Your results will be compiled with those already received. You can take this survey here

As you may know, NSD has undertaken the momentus task this spring of testing all students in grades K-8 for hicap services using the Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test.  Students who are already designated as HiCap CAN NOT lose their designation regardless of their score on this test and will not take further rounds of testing. Students who are currently qualified in only one subject and any other student who receives an 85% or higher will move on to the next round of testing.  Currently qualified HiCap students were included in this testing for informational and data collection purposes only.

We have recently learned from the district that all students who received 85% or higher will receive an email before February 5th asking for permission to admister the next round of testing,  or in the case of some students (Kindergarten for example) who scored in the 99th percentile, you will be asked for permission to designate your student as hicap in the 2018/2019 school year without further testing. Please look for these emails in your junk folder or other spam filters if you have not received it by Monday February 5th. If the hicap office does not receive a response in the next week, they will begin making phone calls to the parent of every student from which they have not yet received consent. The hicap office does not want any student to miss this opportunity.

If your student did not qualify for testing, you will receive your letter in the next few weeks. These letters will not contain individual scores, but if parents would like to know thier child’s score they may email after February 26th or contact their child’s teacher after that time.