Meeting Minutes 08/31/2016

Austina: Has everyone read the bylaws? Anyone have any comments?

Discussion about bylaws

Jakub: Move to approve the bylaws

Patrick: I second

Austina: All in favor say Aye

All say Aye and bylaws are approved unanimously

Lisa will file the paperwork


  • newsletter communication is hard for some parents
  • We should have one topic per email with that in the subject line
  • A table of contents for email is better but not really good enough
  • We need more facebook communication as well. Short topics in sequence

Austina: Agreed, but is more email better? I only send email after asking for review. More people should use mail chimp

Konstantin: send your ideas to the group then someone can volunteer to craft and send the individual topic emails

Austina: for upcoming emails the September deadline for new student testing needs to go out ASAP. Another email with other event reminders can go out after school starts…maybe second day

Angie Y: for all upcoming open houses, ice cream socials and back to school fairs, we need to have an EAP/AAP table at each one to answer questions, get people on the mailing list and remind them about upcoming events. You can also update your class contact/carpool lists there as well.